Here is the list of workshops with there time, location, and hotel map. Workshops

Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle

Presented by: Lora Lechago – Lockheed Martin

The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle is the next generation United States space ship. Since contract award in 2006, the project has survived the continuous budget debate by adapting to changing mission goals while making clear, measurable progress. This session will describe those changes, that progress, and our forward plan for first launch in 2014. Come to this session to learn about the first space ship in development for your new fleet.

Utilizing Social Media Effectively in Your Job Search – Primp Your Profile!

Presented by: Carrie Hunter – Dell

How you build your personal brand, and incorporate social media into your job search can positively affect your results. In this session we’ll show examples using the most popular professional networking site, LinkedIn. You will leave this session armed with information on how to “primp” your profile to get the attention you desire from employers!

Being an Engineer Outside of a Cube

Presented by: Katie Giebel – United States Navy

Want an exciting Professional Career? What about the chance to utilize your engineering interest in a challenging way while leading a group of like-minded individuals? Here’s your chance to take that first step by getting a behind-the-scenes look at the classified world of Nuclear Propulsion. Learn about the types of possibilities available to you as a Professional Engineer onboard a Nuclear-powered Submarine or Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier. No matter your background, you’ll be provided ample opportunity to advance your engineering prowess through application, collaboration and research. You’ll leave this workshop with an expanded knowledge of some possible roles you can perform as an engineer of any technical background in both uniformed and civilian federal service.

Building Your Personal Brand

Presented by: Polly Bessel, Sue Biancheri, and Thomas Keathley – AT&T

Building Your Personal Brand-Who are you? What makes you special? How do you build an effective personal network? Polly Bessel, Sue Biancheri, and Thomas Keathley will discuss how to answer those questions with insights from their own career journeys at AT&T.

How to Select a Company & Transitioning from College to Career

Presented by: Fidelity Investments

As a student plans and prepares to interview for internships and full-time positions, part of the process should be to also interviewi the company. Students must determine if a firm is one they would want to begin their career with, asking themselves about a firm’s values and if they align with their own. We will discuss the top 8-10 things about a company that should be important to someone beginning a job search.
In addition, and also very necessary, we will identify the primary steps students can prepare to take in order to make a successful trasition from college to beginning a professional career.

Networking-Connecting and Communicating

Presented by: Steven Zipkoff – Zipkoff Solutions

In order to build a business, create relationships, find a new career opportunity, and/or to succeed in a never-ending changing marketplace, networking is what “drives the bus.” You must make new contacts and continue to cultivate the old ones.

Networking is not a one time shot, but a life-time commitment and a continuous process that will lead to rewards as you mature, whether it is your business or personal life.

It is more than just connecting. It is a form of communication that can add value to a relationship that travels both up and down stream. If networking is done correctly, it assists all those involved

So why participate in a presentation on networking? The main reason is that most people do not know how to do it. Thus over the span of this program you will learn the following:
· A working definition of networking.
· The difference between connecting and communicating.
· The benefits of networking in a business and social environment.
· Five goals of a networking meeting.
· When and how to do networking.
· Tips for connecting and communicating

Henry’s Daughters, Ethics Seminar

Presented by: John Ho – Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

Henry’s Daughters is a 35 minute video and is designed to raised awareness of the ethical issues such as professional relationships, conflicts of interest, favoritism, confidentiality, proprietary information, intellectual property, gender issues, sexual harassment, and individual privacy.

Meet and Mingle with Texas Instruments

Come change the world with us. If you’re looking to join a global company that is committed to building a better future and impacting the world – from the responsible manufacturing of our semiconductors, to caring for our employees, to giving back inside our communities – TI may be the place for you. Don’t miss out on TI’s workshop session at the annual SWE Region C Conference, which will include a panel discussion, demos, Q&A forum, and an opportunity to engage with TI team members. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with previous interns/new college graduates as well as experienced TIers to learn about available opportunities, potential career paths, and more about life at TI. See you there!

The Career Journey: Navigating aspirations vs. the realities of what life throws at you over time

Presented by: Sita Lowman – Hewlett-Packard Company

We all start with great aspirations of how we want our career to unfold and how we want to succeed. But over time, the realities of our performance, job and company stability, new promotion opportunities, and personal family needs just to name a few, all come into play to determine how a career will ultimately unfold. In this session, Sita Lowman, will discuss her career and personal progression over time as she navigated from an Electrical Engineering major, through working at 3 major companies while raising a family and contributing to other external activities. Participants will take away key learnings to enable them to think ahead to their career and the choices that they may be required to make.

Courageous Conversations

Presented by: Justa Trevino and Kristi Guiou – Raytheon

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone does or says something inappropriate, but you don’t know how to react, or can’t find the right words to say? You know that you should say something, but the situation is awkward and you don’t know what to do? Then you kick yourself later because you know you should have said something in the moment? Having difficult conversations, around any subject can be tough; they’re not easy, but they are very important. Being able to address situations, comments, and inappropriate behavior requires courage. This session will explore having the courage to do the right thing in the moment.

Tips for Successful Resumes and Interviews

Presented by: Amy Yip – Chevron Corporation

During this workshop, participants will learn resume and interview tips that will help them be successful and look professional. The speakers will share some best practices and thoughts behind what recruiters are looking for in a resume. They will also help participants understand what a behavioral interview is and how to prepare for it.

Building Membership

Presented by the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee

After this module is presented, the participants will have information and tools to develop a plan to increase their membership through recruitment and retention initiatives. Upon completion of this module, participants should understand why people join organizations, be prepared to develop a recruitment and retention plan for her/his SWE section, gain ideas for how to target new member and retain members,and be able to personally recruit new members.

Fund Development

Presented by the Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee

This module is ideal for SWE sections that fundraise to support meetings, conferences and other expenses. This module is broad enough that it encompasses fundraising for meeting all the way up to securing funds for members to attend the SWE National Conference. From getting organized with your fundraising needs to creating a corporate packet, this module provides a great introduction into the art of fundraising.

Leadership Burnout

Presented by the Leadership Coaching Committee

SWE leaders are often so passionate about furthering SWE’s mission that we wind up stretching ourselves too thin. We can’t help it, we’re “do-ers.” Or can we? SWE Leadership Coaches will lead the discussion to help you understand, treat, and prevent leadership burnout in your SWE Section.

Senators Workshop

Treasurer Workshop

Faculty Adviser/Counselor Workshop

More workshops coming soon