The 2013 SWE Region C Conference is hosted by the SWE collegiate section at Southern Methodist University with support from the Dallas professional section. The conference is going to be held on Feb 1-3, 2013 in Dallas, TX at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Our conference theme is “We are the solution. Engineers.” The focus of the conference is recognizing that engineers are agents of change. Engineers have more than just words and money to offer developing areas both internationally and locally. Engineering ideas new and old alike surround us in our daily lives, from the sanitized water we drink in the morning, to the fuel efficiency of our cars, to the design of the buildings we enter every day. The work of engineers is everywhere. Members of SWE represent a new kind of engineer. We are people who deal with big ideas and big issues. We change landscapes, economies and minds. SWE is an outlet for engineers to meet other designers, innovators, and agents of change. Together we can solve problems and meet challenges with confidence. The world is struggling but we are the solution. Engineers.

The conference is aimed at helping all engineers realize their full potential and think of new ways to apply their skills for the betterment of mankind.